Safe Project


Safe Project

The Safe Project was established in 2007 in partnership with Newcastle City Council and Sure Start West Riverside.  We have one full time Senior Worker who has the CAADA IDVA Qualification and is a qualified Solicitor with a specialism in Family Law. We have two part-time Advocacy Workers who have a vast experience of Domestic Violence Work.

We are the first comprehensive community based domestic violence project in Newcastle which delivers services to BME and Non-BME groups. The Advocacy Workers takes a needs led, one to one approach providing practical and emotional support and advice to victims and survivors of Domestic Violence.   We offer an exceptional service through a multi-agency approach.

We provide specialist support for victims and survivors of Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage.

We assist in risk assessment and safety planning of all those we support to reduce risk to victims and survivors and their children.

We support with gaining legal advice and taking steps through the Civil Court system. We also support with reporting incidents of Domestic Violence and through the Criminal Justice process.

We offer the Safe 4 Life Course  which is a Domestic Violence awareness course for victims and survivors.

Support is given in person or over the telephone.

For more information or support call 0191 2734942 and speak to one of our advocates. Alternatively call into West End Women and Girls Centre and ask for the Safe Project.

Safe 4 Life Course

Safe 4 Life leaflet course Sept 2016

New Safe 4 Life Course starting Thursday 14th September 2016.

Try safe 4 life, it could change yours

Don’t suffer in silence.

Safe 4 Life is an 11 week course which has been developed with women who have experienced domestic abuse and domestic violence in their past or current relationships.
The course is open to any women over 18 who feels that learning in a group environment will help their personal development and understanding of their experiences. We now also offer a 10 week Teen Safe 4 life course, aimed at women aged 13-19.
The courses looks at issues of domestic abuse/domestic violence and the controlling behaviour that can occur in relationships. In order to help women develop their own skills the course also looks at how we keep ourselves safe, self-esteem, sexism and equality, assertiveness, our emotions, the effects of domestic abuse on ourselves and our children and finally what a healthy relationship looks like.

Feedback from women who have completed the course:

“My self-esteem has grown, I now feel able to be assertive and trust my own judgement rather than worrying about being judged by others.”

“I did not want to come full stop. I was ignorant to the fact and thought I didn’t come under the criteria for domestic violence but I did. The course has helped me to realise I was subject to domestic violence and there is no such thing as mild domestic violence and major domestic  violence, domestic violence is domestic violence full stop. The course has certainly enabled me to know the signs of domestic abuse. Thank you for opening my eyes and changing my attitude.”

“Loved it, wish it could go on forever, learn something new each week.”

“It has made me feel less as though the abuse was my fault.”

“Thanx for an enjoyable course. I actually looked forward to it every Thursday!”

“I am now a stronger person.”