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2018 has been an amazing and yet challenging year for women across the globe. #METOO, #Timesup, the realities of gender pay inequality and more.

We feel anger, hope, frustration – how can we channel how we feel to answer ‘what can I do to help?’

West End Women and Girls Centre is at the frontline – fighting for women and girl’s rights to live in a fair society, that values them and gives them all the opportunities they deserve.

Join us and help us to continue making a difference to women and girls lives. You can donate to any of the projects and receive vouchers to give as presents to your family and friends.

You can give;

  • one off donations £5 / £10 / £20 / £30
  • Regular giving
  • Sponsor a session

You can donate by – 

  • Send a cheque to West End Women and Girls Centre specifying your donation amount and which group you would like to sponsor with your address and we will post vouchers back to you.


  • If you donate by the Mydonate button – call the centre on 0191 273 4942 and let us know which group you have donated to and we will send out your vouchers.


  • You can email the centre on and order some vouchers that you can pick up and pay either cash or cheque.

Any questions on how to order/receive these vouchers please give the centre a ring! 0191 2734942




Women are the heart of our communities, they nurture, care, teach, love and stand by you. Let’s stand by them.

Journey 2 Safety

Over the last 37 years, we have transformed women’s lives by walking beside them on their journey to safety from domestic abuse.  The austerity agenda, cuts to local authorities and the contracting out of services previously grant aided has resulted in The Safe Project, our domestic abuse service having no funding. We continue to provide the service as the funding may have gone but the need has not. To Support delivery of the Safe 4 Life 12-week Recovery course for up to 20 people costs £5000. To support one women to access the course costs £250.

Mrs Robinson Fund

Women are struggling to feed their children, light and heat their homes. This is happening for many reasons, zero hour contracts, low wages, welfare benefits changes and delays to payments, bedroom tax and changes to benefits for the sick, those with disabilities and mental ill health.

The fund is named after our longest standing member who sadly passed away in 2016. Mrs Robinson was very generous and would always donate money to the centre and other local charities even when her need was greater. We are asking you to be as generous as Mrs Robinson and donate money to the centre in her name that we will distribute to families in need.

Community Garden

Our peaceful and productive community garden in Elswick Park, is a sanctuary for women and girls.  With its growing beds, fruit trees and sweet smelling herbs it’s more than a vegetable patch.  Therapeutic value, learning new skills, fresh air – this all gives women the breather they need before they return to their busy lives running the world.  To sponsor a session in the community garden costs £60. To sponsor a year in the community garden including summer holiday provision costs £3840.

One Stop Shop

With increasing awareness of loneliness affecting so many in society, cuts to services and neighbourhoods changing this weekly event is a vital resource that creates community.  Offering a free healthy brunch, chance to make new friends, receive welfare benefits advice, join in a computer class or visit our community garden – the One Stop Shop offers a huge number of opportunities for women, all under one roof. To sponsor a One Stop Shop session costs £150. To sponsor One Stop Shop for a year costs £6000.


Childcare provides freedom for women to learn new skills and achieve their goals resulting in economic independence and our crèche workers are lush. To sponsor a crèche session costs £99. For a weekly creche session, a year costs £3960.

Youth Groups

Tuesday Club

The Tuesday Club has been running since 1981 and has seen 5 generations of families access this youth club for girls aged 5-11 years.  The Club is a fun and safe space for girls to let off steam and just be themselves. Making new friends, becoming confident, sharing achievements and feeling good are just some of the things the club helps girls with. To sponsor the Tuesday Club session costs £90. To sponsor Tuesday Club for the whole year including holiday provision costs £5760.

Grow It Cook It

Girls aged 8-18 learn essential life skills here. From planting a seed to seeing it grow, to harvesting the organic produce to cooking fresh healthy recipes, these girls see what they can achieve, enjoy the benefit of being outdoors and sharing food with friends.  To sponsor the Grow it Cook it, it costs £90 per session. To sponsor Grow it Cook it for the whole year including holiday provision costs £5760.

Older Girls Group

There are a lot of pressures facing young women these days.  Unrealistic beauty standards, pressure to look and behave a certain way, self-esteem issues and much more.  Here lasses learn what healthy relationships look like, have honest discussions about things that matter to them, learn what they have in common and play hide and seek in the dark. To sponsor an Older Girls session costs £120. To sponsor the Older Girls Group for the year costs £7680.

They may sound like regular youth clubs but they are in fact covert training schools for future female leaders. For girls to grow strong, become resilient and empowered and take over the world with the West End of Newcastle as a starting point.