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Park Stories

Memories of the park and pool

Women from the cookery group share their memories of Elswick Park and the fun days which used to happen there, which can be seen in one of the photographs. With thanks to West End Picture History collection for sharing images of the park. 

Pizza Oven Day

Many of the women who come to the cookery and gardening sessions have memories of cooking over open fires and in clay ovens in different parts of the world. We decided to have a pizza oven day to cook together and share recipes and  stories about  cooking. The photos included here were taken by the women from the cooking and gardening group at the pizza day.


Shiren, who is one of our community garden workers, tells a story about her search for artichokes when she moved to the UK and talks about the different plants which are grown in the community garden.

 A walk round the park with Bill and Rose

Many older people from the area attend a craft group at Cruddas Park Shopping Centre run by the search project, members of the group shared their memories of Elswick Park and in particular remembered climbing the rocks and being chased by the park keeper. Father and daughter Bill and Rose walked around the park reflecting on how it has changed and taking photos of how the park looks now which are included here.

Marie and Marie

Marie Hirst and her aunt also called Marie remember their childhoods in Elswick. Marie used to live in the park keepers house and remembers climbing trees and playing with her friends in ‘her park’. The photos show her brother sitting on the fountain and Marie and her brother sat on the back step of the cottage. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the old Elswick Hall and it’s history as an art gallery, please download this word document: