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Photographs by the Women’s Gardening Group

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The women’s gardening group learned photography skills and documented work in the community garden, which has been created on the old bowling greens in the park. Over the course of five months the group captured the work going on in the garden showing the range of different food the group are growing in the space. We then worked together to select our favourite images and prepare them for an exhibition at the autumn Edible Elswick event and at the centre’s AGM. These images are some of our favourites which were laid out for exhibition.

Tuesday Club Collages

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The Tuesday club learned about the history of the park and thought about how we use it today. Thinking about the inscription on the fountain in the park girls shared thoughts about how the park makes them feel and what kinds of things they do in the park, we wrote down our ideas and made drawings of the park. The group then visited the park taking their own photos which were then used to make collages bringing together thoughts about the park with the pictures we had taken.

Photographs by Cook it/ Grow it

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The cook it/ grow it group learned about photography and documented the work they do in the park and community garden including the work they do as volunteers tidying the park. The group made several visits to the park and then we worked together to choose their favourite images and make concertina books. The gallery above includes some of our favourite images of the park and pictures of the books we made.