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Scran 4 the Fam – Daily Soup Delivery

In March 2020, as an immediate and direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the food poverty we were seeing in our community, we launched Scran 4 the Fam, a daily soup delivery service. Our community cook Susan and volunteer Amanda made fresh vegetable soup every morning and a team of 30 volunteer drivers delivered it hot to the doorsteps of our West End community. Over 15 months, through the global pandemic, three lockdowns and in and out of tiers we delivered 23,000 portions of soup to our local community.

As restrictions slowly eased in June 2021 we had to make the decision to stop the soup run as we reopened West End Women and Girls Centre, where our volunteers and staff were now needed. This was a difficult decision as we all love the soup run, it feels important and special and has gained funding and support both locally and nationally. Now we need to step forward in solidarity as a community, open the doors of our centre and welcome you back.

15 months
3 cooks
30 drivers
23,000 portions of soup delivered across the west end.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and everyone who has given their time or money to support this project.

Each month it was documented by Open Clasp Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Catrina McHugh, capturing the experiences of the pandemic as she delivered soup each day. See our final video below and watch all the videos on our You Tube Channel.