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Our Farm

We have a Farm! A beautiful Smallholding in the wilds of Northumberland for women and girls to grow and harvest together, have fun and be free in the wilds.

We will have a bunkhouse and camping field for fun and adventure

We will grow sustainable, organic food and break through gender roles in agriculture with an orchard, vegetable plots and polytunnels, hens, goats, bees and more

We will plant trees and hedgerows and create wild spaces for bird, flowers and girls

It will be a model for a socially and environmentally just local food system, powered by the wind and sun

It will be a rural home for women and girls to run and breathe and work the land together

Buy your loved ones a tree and help us to save the planet!

In Spring we’re going to get together and plant trees and hedgerows on the land and we need your help! Buy your loved ones a tree as a present and we’ll plant it in their name with a dedicated sign.

Buy a tree native to Northumberland including Hawthorn, Rowan, Silver Birch, Willows and Oak, creating beautiful, sustainable wildlife habitats and wild spaces for women and girls, while tackling climate change, and helping to save the planet.

Get a voucher with their name on and an invite to come and help us plant in the Spring!

£25 for 1 tree
£60 for 4 trees
£125 for 10 trees

Click here to buy your tree

Dedicate a hedgerow

Help us plant big rows of wildlife hedges to fight against climate change and biodiversity loss, creating vital habitats for endangered species including our lovely red squirrel and Northumberland bees, and providing foraging and wild harvests for women and girls.

£500 for 50 metres

Click here to buy your hedgerow

For more information on our Farm, contact Jill Heslop, Development Worker on